Everyone’s resources have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. You can help prevent locate delays by pre-marking your proposed dig area in white. Your next step is to dial 811 and notify the one call service of your planned excavation, with as much lead time as possible in your state.

To learn more about Dominion Energy’s response to COVID-19, click here.

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Worker Beware

Learn how to stay safe around natural gas lines, overhead and underground electric lines. Real workers and accident survivors teach how to avoid devastating accidents, damages and liability.

  • Electrical & Natural Gas
    Safety Basics
  • Digging & Excavating
  • Ladders & Long Tools
  • Cranes & Heavy Equipment
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Trabajador esté alerta

Aprenda a trabajar sin riesgos cerca de tuberías de gas natural y de líneas eléctricas aéreas y subterráneas. Un grupo de trabajadores reales y sobrevivientes de accidentes le enseñarán qué hacer para evitar accidentes devastadores, daños y responsabilidad civil.

  • Seguridad básica al trabajar con electricidad y gas
  • Perforacion y excavation
  • Escaleras y herramientas de extension
  • Gruas y equipo pesado